Four Fun, Free Apps to Help You Get a Head Start on Those Resolutions

Looking for an edge on your New Year’s resolutions? Try out these four apps. Each app offers something unique to help you with your mental health, your meal planning, and recipes, or spice up your workouts with a virtual personal trainer. Some apps combine multiple aspects of your health, but all apps are directly related to some issue of your mental or physical apps. Read on to find out four sweet apps you should download to help you meet your New Year’s resolutions.


Sworkit, an app available on iTunes, Google Play, and on the web, offers unique, customized workout plans for all sorts of people. Although it is available through a paid subscription, you can get a 30-day trial for free! Sworkit offers you the opportunity to create your workouts as well, allowing you to save them for future reference. You can do yoga, strength workouts, running workouts, and all sorts of other exercises. They offer six-week programs to help you get leaner, stronger, or fitter, and have a collection of bodyweight exercises to help you get in shape.

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club, which you can download from both iTunes and the Google Play Store, offers a workout plan customized to fit your unique fitness situation. If you miss a day or hit a personal record in your weight training, for example, the app will update accordingly to help you beat your fitness goals. With the ability to log exercise and game time outside of the app, the Nike Training Club allows you to train holistically and considers all elements of your athletic performance. The app also allows you to share your progress with friends, so you can encourage your friends (or get encouragement!) to get back on track.


Headspace, an app that guides your meditation, is sure to help you with your mindfulness and mental health goals this year. Andy Puddicombe, a Tibetan monk, is the voice of all reflections within Headspace and the genius behind the app. Although this app also does offer a paid subscription, there is a ten-session Basic pack available for individuals curious about the app. There is also a plan for work available, for teams wanting to develop their mindfulness and even have emergency sessions in the event of a meltdown.


Mealime allows you to grocery shop more efficiently, plan your meals for the week, and find healthy new recipes for meal ideas. If you’re gluten-free, allergic to something, or just dislike a certain food, Mealime will take a note of that and automatically adjust your plan for you! Available on iOS and Android, this app will help you eat healthier and live your best life.

Whether you want to eat healthier, exercise more, or have improved mental health, these four apps all offer you a chance to do just that! Do you have any health app tips or ideas for a new health app? Let us know by leaving a response below!

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