Forget No-Shave-November, Try Out No-Animal-November

November is not only known as Diabetes Awareness Month but also as World Vegan Month.

The celebration is based on the formation of the Vegan Society and created in 1994 to commemorate not only the past struggle in developing the development of vegan practices in everyday society but also how far it has come. The Vegan Society was established 50 years ago. The World Vegan Day is actually November 1st, which is All Saints’ Day, and is not at all a coincidence that it is connected with Halloween and the Day of the Dead.


To shed light on the slaughter of animals to pursue the “survival” of the human race, this day was also established to show a connection between the two.

Not only can you celebrate the acceptance and support of being a vegan in our society today, there are tons of ways to celebrate World Vegan Month. It’s possible to not only practice and involve yourself in the vegan movement by adopting some of their methods and buying non-animal products but also keeping a broad and open mindset while being aware of the responsibilities vegans hold in preserving our Earth’s animals.

If becoming a vegan has always interested you, but you are afraid to take the plunge into drastic measures, there are a few tips and tricks that you can easily implement into your everyday life that can help you on your way to leading a vegan lifestyle.

After trying one or some of these out and you really feel like you want to try to adopt the lifestyle, there is a process of transition that takes place for everybody, and it can be longer and shorter, depending on the person you are, how much meat or animal products you normally are accustomed to eating, and of course, the knowledge you have and are willing to research to be able to adopt a healthy, vegan lifestyle without missing out on proper nutrition, or depriving your body of what it normally intakes.

Taking Your Time

This is one of the number one tips to becoming vegan. Don’t expect to snap your fingers and eliminate all animal products from your diet or daily life overnight. Just as if you are making a large life change, (which you are really doing!) take it step by step and implement small changes. As a suggestion, you can begin with eliminating chicken and eggs from your diet, or substitute some of your favorite foods immediately with the vegan version, so that the rest of the substitutions come much, much easier.

You can also try this tip: When you are hungry, or when you are about to eat, reach for your plant-based food first, or your vegan substitute food first, so the space left for the other food is merely minimal.

Not Broadcasting What You’re Doing

This can help with the transition process. Telling a select few what your plans are to help keep you accountable can come in handy when you are looking for help. Letting everyone in the vicinity know, however, is an announcement that can wait until you are completely successful, or rather yet, keep it to yourself. The entire decision is one based upon how you feel about yourself and for yourself, so the issues you tackle, addictions and conscientiousness about your body is also something that you must battle with. It is already hard enough, so bringing the entire office in on the journey might make it that much harder and more tempting to stop.

Don’t Sweat the Protein

When you are looking to adopt a vegan diet. If eaten enough, there is PLENTY of protein found in beans and soy products. You can also get your daily dosage in from nuts, quinoa, seeds, and tofu. It is not completely necessary to invest into those protein supplements off the bat, but it is helpful for backup if you are worried in the beginning.

This Doesn’t Mean your Restaurant Days are Over.

Going out to eat is much easier these days since most restaurants all around the world usually have one, two, or a lot more vegan and vegetarian options on their menus. This world is becoming more and more adaptable to those with stricter diets, that being a vegan doesn’t mean that eating out is such a fuss.

If you are going to a restaurant, check the menu online before you head out, just in case, and you can easily pick a new place accordingly (or eat ahead).

Get Creative

Being vegan means that a lot of options are then eliminated from your ordinary diet. This doesn’t leave you with that many options to use when cooking. Reaching out for inspiration from across continents and cultures can help you when choosing the vegan options begin to get a bit bland.

Vegan options are usually extremely adoptable from Asian cuisines because they have loads of plant-based options because of the spread and origin of Buddhism.

If you are looking to get cross-culture, you can also look into Indian curries, Mexican tacos, burritos, and fajitas (of course, without the cheese), and Ethiopian lentil stews. There are so many amazing, delicious foods not even tapped into, that you have never experienced that can definitely make adopting a vegan lifestyle a lot easier.

Find Similar Friends to Yourself

Look for people who are already vegans or are looking to join you on your journey to adopt the vegan diet. It is extremely hard to go out to eat when your steak-loving friends order rib-eye when you had just given it up two weeks prior. If you are constantly eating with certain friends or family, let them know what you are doing and what you are struggling with, and which types of foods can be considered your “trigger” foods. Letting them in can not only help keep you accountable, but it can also help them become more mindful about what they are eating in front of you. This little confidentiality might even also make THEM think about what they’re eating and how it has been processed. Little did you know, you might have gotten yourself a new vegan friend for the journey into adopting the diet.

Heading into unknown territory at any theme or stage of your life and lifestyle is a difficult one, but when it is solely based on your diet and what you eat, it can be a seemingly impossible transition. The idea that you are messing with something you are so comfortable with, or even everything you have ever known all your life, is scary. Incorporating these few tips, or even just one or two of them at a time, can help ease your change into a vegan lifestyle. Since November is World Vegan Month, there really isn’t a better time to get started. There are tons of support groups, vegan connect groups online, and even festivals where recipes are exchanged and the food is on display, made from real chefs that can help you cook the vegan way.

One thing to remember is that it IS possible, and there are countless tales of those who looked to change and adopt the lifestyle. You can read up on their stories, relate to their struggles, see how they overcame them and hopefully it can help you write yours. Do you have any tips for people ready to go vegan?

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