Fitting in Fitness: Four Helpful Tips on How to Train More and Complain Less

With the holiday season fast approaching, more commitments seem to get added to everyone’s plate. From holiday gift shopping to meeting extended family and attending tons of holiday parties, many people lose valuable exercise time. Here are some helpful tips to find the time and energy this year to squeeze in a quick workout.

Fitness Helpful Tips 1
1. Find Good Company

Instead of meeting up with your gal pals for drinks, consider meeting up for squats or a walk outside instead. Having the support and commitment of friends or family that exercise with you makes a workout harder to reschedule. Plus, working out with your friends seems to make workouts more fun and engaging then if you went for a run on your own.

2. Schedule Your Time

Much as you would schedule a holiday party or a date night, make your exercise a priority. Block out some time on your calendar so that you have dedicated time to hit the gym instead of whenever you have some spare time. If you schedule your time, try to develop a routine. Routine exercise makes your health more of a commitment, and a schedule tends to make committing that much more comfortable.

3. Realize That Any Activity Counts

You don’t just have to lift weights or run a half marathon to be exercising– lots of things count as exercise! Consider walking to lunch or taking the stairs if you work in an office situation, or even merely standing up and stretching. Instead of hanging out in the break room with a snack and coffee, go for a walk. Rather than taking a bus to work, walk (only if that’s feasible, of course!) Make healthy choices with the resources that you have on hand get the most out of your workday.

Fitness Helpful Tips 24. Give Yourself a Goal

A goal that is simple, achievable, and makes sense in the context of your physical fitness gives you something to look forward to doing. Not only are goals great motivators, but they also help you record and monitor your physical movement, which is helpful for your perception of your level of exercise. A step goal is an excellent first goal to have–it’s accessible, feasible, and can vary from person to person. Many smartphones have built-in step counters, and if you want to go for gold, a fitness watch will record your steps for you.

With all this in mind, what do you foresee your fitness goals being in the next year? Comment below!

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