Fitness Frenzy: Some of the Biggest Stories in Fitness

The fitness scene seems never to stand still. There’s almost always a new trend, market, report, or news story gracing the community. From flooding to fitness, market shares to significant lawsuits, here are a few of the biggest fitness stories you might have missed last week.

Planet Fitness Opens Locations for Flood Victims

As a combination of heavy rain and flooding destroyed Midwestern communities, gym Planet Fitness opened its doors to those impacted. Six locations, including five in Nebraska and one in Iowa, offered its services, bathrooms, and electrical outlets to anyone experiencing homelessness after the flooding. The sites are remaining open until March 31 for those impacted by flooding.


Peloton in Trouble

Fitness equipment brand Peloton, famous for its workouts set to music, found itself in legal trouble recently. The reason? Artists claim Peloton is illegally using their work. Artists involved in the lawsuit include big names like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Rhianna. Peloton, in a statement made to CBS News, said that “We have partnered with each of the major music publishers, record labels and performing rights organization.” Any court dates or next steps remain pending.

Planet Fitness Finds Explosive Growth

At a time where studios across the country are implementing juice bars, specialized equipment, and boutique fitness classes, gyms like Planet Fitness seem to head in the complete opposite direction. The simple, hands-off approach Planet Fitness is taking to its gym has netted the fitness company a substantial market share. Since its initial public offering or first time on the market in 2015, the gym brand has quadrupled its worth, sitting at a clean $6.2 million most recently. The chain offers 1,700 locations and 12.5 million members.

Have a news story you’d like to see us cover? Want to learn more about any of these stories? Comment below with your thoughts!


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