Fighting Off the Freshman Fifteen: Staying Fit on Campus

With recent press coverage fixated on the idea of the freshman fifteen, or weight gain during your freshman year of college and beyond, how can you stay healthy? Read on for some concrete tips and tricks on how to stave off the dreaded freshman fifteen!

Use Your Resources

Many campuses and colleges offer all sorts of resources related to your health! From dieticians to menus to gyms, all of which are included free with your student activities charge, make sure to use your on-campus resources! Student gyms, which often have free or paid PE and group fitness classes, are a great way to get your Spin on if you need to lose a few pounds. Meetings with the dieticians or nutritionists on campus can also be incredibly helpful in working on a diet that works for you!

Finding a healthy diet and exercise routine can be aided by all these resources, and often starting with a visit to the nutritionist can be all of the motivation you need to take control of your health. Many of these resources are free, or at the very least reasonably inexpensive. If you feel like you can’t afford a meeting with a dietician or a gym membership, there are plenty of other online alternatives that exist!

Plan Ahead

With meal prepping on the rise as a favorite Sunday night activity, why not try snack prepping? Buying and packaging individual servings of your favorite healthy snacks, like carrots and hummus, can help avoid late night runs to the vending machine. Planning your meals out early, and even having some on hand, helps prevent any late-night chocolate bar runs to help you power through those all-nighters.

Planning your homework and gym time, too, can help you get more sleep, be less stressed, and retain less fat than just waking up every day and “winging it.” Stress, which is a stereotypically significant factor in every student’s college experience, has been clinically proven to play a critical part in weight gain and retention. Even planning out when you are going to eat and sticking to a regular period when you have meals, can train your body to absorb nutrients more efficiently, and can be a nice element of routine in the busy, unpredictable college lifestyle!

Do you have any tips for staying healthy on a college campus, or have you found a trick that works for you that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!

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