Been on Your Feet All Day? You’ve Got to See These Yoga Poses

Journalists and health nuts have always excited media buzz around people sitting on their butts at work all day. But if you work food-service, a nursing or healthcare job, or another active role, you’re likely the exact opposite: on your feet all day (and that’s not any better for you!)

While working on your feet might help you burn a few more calories, it’s not any better for your health. Ergonomics, or the study of human efficiency in a working environment, cautions a lot about the health risks of standing for long periods of time. Working on your feet can cause lower back pain and varicose veins. Want to cut down on these issues? Take a few easy prevention steps for your health.

At-Work Tips

Take a seat whenever you can. Even taking the load off for five or ten minutes can be helpful for your back and legs. The National Institute of Occupational Health has found that sitting for a few minutes can help mitigate some of the effects of varicose veins and back pain. Carrying a personal massager or tennis ball in your purse to massage your feet or your back whenever you get a spare minute can help get rid of any pain in your legs or back, too.

Once You Get Off of Work

Once you get off work, try heading to the yoga studio for some flexibility training to help you get back on your feet and stretch your muscles out! Here are four moves that you can do at home if you can’t make it to the studio at the end of the day. These four moves are the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work.

Reclined Hand and Foot Pose: Stretch Those Hamstrings!

Stretching out your hamstrings after a long day at work can be a great way to stretch and relax. While laying on your back, bring your right knee to the chest while keeping your leg bent on the ground. Press your knee to your chest while raising your left foot to the sky. Hold for five breaths before slowly switching legs. You can do this pose as often as you feel like you need to.

Legs on the Wall: Parallel Power

This one is exactly what it sounds like. Lay on your back, with your butt against the wall. Swing your legs onto the wall, laying them parallel to the wall, and place your hands on your stomach. Take deep breaths and remain in that position for five to ten minutes. This pose will help reduce stress in your lower back. You should do it as often as you feel like you need to.

Standing Forward Bend: Take a Load Off

This is another one that is self-explanatory. Lean forward, taking all the pressure off of your back, and reach for your toes. This should help you release stress in your lower half, and can help increase flexibility in your back and shoulders. Taking the load off your back and spine can help mitigate pain that you have from standing all day. You can perform the move whenever you need a little bit of relief in your lower back.

Did any of these tips help you? Did you have working on your feet story to share, or want to see more information and tips like this? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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