Face Your Fears: Adult Acne

Are you hiding your face because of skin troubles? Do you have more than just the occasional breakout? You might be afflicted with adult acne. Adult acne is precisely what it sounds like: being an adult and having acne! Do you want to learn what causes it and how you can treat it? Read on!

Causes of Acne

There are many causes of acne, from medications to hormones to diet and stress. Although these causes all differ, they are only one component of your skin’s health. To get the best picture of your skin’s health, like any other aspect of your health, you have to consider all of the lifestyle factors that influence your actions. Some myths related to acne, like acne is a result of dirt or eating too many greasy foods, are proven to be falsehoods.

Drugs and Hormones

Certain medications, like lithium, corticosteroids, or testosterone have been clinically proven to have acne as a possible side effect, making them one factor to consider. Another contributing factor is hormones– women have reported breakouts as a symptom of their periods. Changes in pregnancy and birth control status can also be factors influencing your latest breakout. Other changes, like puberty, can cause breakouts as well.

Lifestyle Issues 

Diet also plays a role in your skin’s health– diets that tend to be high in carbohydrates worsen skin health. Chocolate also is a factor in acne. Stress is also a factor that can aggravate acne, but not cause it. However, greasy foods don’t cause acne, and cosmetics and makeup are also not factors, contrary to popular belief.

How to Prevent (and Treat!) Adult Acne

If you have adult acne and want to get rid of it or even manage it, try some of these tactics. Drinking water, washing your face regularly, and eating a diet low in carbohydrates are all ways to cut down on your acne. Even though some factors are harder to control, like medications and hormones, some aspects of your health are more accessible! Exercising, sleeping well, and eating well are very important, both to your skin health and your health overall.

Prevent Your Acne

Preventing your acne is reasonably easy, but doesn’t always work for all people because of other factors related to health. You can, however, cut down on breakouts by eating more raw fruits and veggies, fewer carbohydrates, and fewer doses of red meat. Also helping cut down on breakouts is drinking enough water! Staying hydrated also assists in your skin’s health, and allows your skin to process oil and dirt easier.

Treating Your Acne

Cleaning your face is the best bet, as many sources would suggest. Treating your acne with spot treatments is a perfect way to get rid of spots quickly! Numbing the particularly terrible places with an ice cube is perfect to reduce swelling and soreness, in case you need to get rid of a spot on the spot!

Do you have acne, or have had acne? Do you have tips for your fellow readers who are struggling with acne? Let us know in the comments section below!

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