Everybody and Every Body: Activewear for Plus Size Athletes

You sweat just as hard, work just as hard, and put in just as much effort as any other athlete–and your clothes should reflect that. While it’s become easier to find plus-size activewear, some brands still don’t carry the plus-size activewear you need to succeed. Want to find a new brand that works for you? Here are a couple of brands that have some great offerings for everybody, and every body type!


Old Navy

Exercise tank tops, activewear leggings, and heathered sweatshirts– Old Navy has it all. From sizes 1X to 4X, Old Navy has the sports bras, leggings, and exercise tanks that you need to succeed. Some of their leggings are on trend, with pockets, lattice details, and bright colors. Their tops and jackets are the same way! Keyhole tanks, colorful tees, and mesh sports bras alike. Most of their pieces run between $5 and $30, making them an affordable addition to your closet.

Champion and JOYLAB

Target is good for more than groceries and home goods–did you know they had plus-size workout apparel as well? Target’s two activewear brands, Champion and JOYLAB, have plus-size activewear available both in-store and online. Like most Target products, they are relatively inexpensive, coming in at around $20 or $30 per piece, so you don’t have to break the bank. Their line includes standard activewear fare, like sweat-wicking T-shirts, leggings and shorts, sports bras, and the occasional sweat-wicking hoodie.


In 2017, Nike released a plus-size line of products available in retailers as well as online. Their plus-size pieces include your standard workout fare, but many of their pieces are more decorative than their competitor’s counterparts. However, their items are a bit more pricey than others on this list, with their products costing anywhere from $30-$110 per piece. Running shorts are a much greater focus for Nike, so if you’re tired of the limited “running shorts” options that other retailers offer, Nike’s $30-40 running short options might fill you with joy.


Finding plus-size workout gear can be hard enough, but finding specialty items, like triathlon gear, can be even harder. Rsport aims to bridge this gap and provide plus-size men and women with wetsuits and other essential triathlon competition items. If you want some activewear, they’ve got that, too. They have two different pairs of workout capris, each costing around $80, and a handful of different tops that might cost you anywhere from $30-$90. The triathlon gear itself, like the Tri-Zip Jersey and Tri Shorts they have, are approximately $90 each–worth it if you need a leg up on a race!


Fabletics, a fitness brand founded by the actress turned fashion designer Kate Hudson, has a new range of sizes for plus-size women: the brand announced in 2017 it was moving to include up to sizes 3X in their athleisure brand! Fabletics works similar to a subscription service–you get $50 to spend every month on premade outfits, bottoms, tops, and bras, many of which come in plus-size sizing. Fabletics has one of the most extensive ranges out of any brand on this list, with sweatpants, leggings, all sorts of jackets and tanks, bras, and everything else activewear you could ever need, all in chic styles and prints.


Are you just looking for your next great pair of leggings? Look no further–K-Deer, an online retailer specializing in leggings and yoga gear, has a few great pairs available. Their signature pieces, though, are their striped leggings. If you purchase a pair of their signature stripes, which come in three different lengths and a kid’s size, a percentage of your donation goes to a specific charity hand-selected by a member of the K-Deer team.

Have any more activewear brands you want to recommend? Want to learn more about any of these? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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