Eleven Fun Fitness Classes to Put on Your Holiday Wishlist

Thinking of getting a fun gift for the fitness fiend in your life or looking for a head start on those New Year’s Resolutions? Read on for some interesting fitness classes to give as gifts this holiday season!


Does sweat and pop music get your heart pounding? Do you want to be among the ranks of the Beckhams, Demi Lovato, and Lady Gaga? Then SoulCycle is the class for you! Founded in 2006 in New York City’s Upper West Side, Soulcycle combines near darkness, loud pop music, and positive reinforcement to provide a unique exercise experience. With locations in only nine states, though, you’d be lucky to find a class near you.


This low-impact dance workout combines infectious pop music with dynamic choreography, making for a fun, memorable experience. Heavily inspired by the music and dance of Bollywood in India, this class offers a new perspective on the cardio dance trend. With the 45-minute classes occurring in 30+ states and 400+ locations, this class is much more accessible than others on this list.

3.Pole Fitness

There definitely exists a stigma around pole dancing– but you can’t argue that a pole fitness workout is good for your upper body and your abs. Pole fitness classes and studios are also common across many states, making it an accessible option.


The second cardio dance class on this list, Zumba combines Latin American music with dance routines. The choreography combines low-intensity and high-intensity moves for a cardio workout often called “exercise in disguise.” With national appeal and spin-off classes, like Zumba Aqua Fitness and Zumba Gold, there is sure to be a class for everyone on your list.

5.Outdoor Yoga

A growing trend, outdoor yoga is one of the many Instagram-worthy fitness trends of the year. Plus, as a bonus, many of the outdoor yoga classes include furry visitors like goats, chickens, and puppies, which instantly make the classes a thousand times more fun.

6.Water Aerobics

Water aerobics isn’t just for the elderly ladies at your local YMCA! Water aerobics combines the resistance of water with low impact on your knees, ankles, and other joints. Jogging, walking, and “skiing” are all much more difficult in the pool, yet better on your joints! With classes offered at most YMCA’s, these classes truly have a national appeal.


Okay, these classes aren’t for everyone, but the community in the “box” is worth considering. These high intensity workouts combine traditional exercises (like burpees) with ropes, carrying logs, and other non-traditional exercises.


Can the man in your life touch his toes? It doesn’t matter at Broga, or “bro-yoga,” where the instruction focuses more about cardiovascular fitness and toning than on flexibility. Broga, founded only this year, only has a few classes at the time of this publication. But with the recent coverage of the Broga movement by NPR, Boston Globe, and others, expect the movement to grow!

9.Trampoline Fitness Classes

With fun names like SkyRobics, SkyFit, and others, what’s not to like? These engaging trampoline workouts offer aerobic exercise in format reminiscent of your childhood. Even if a guided class isn’t your forte, a small mini trampoline, or rebounder, also makes an awesome gift this holiday season!


The third dance class on this list, Barre classes offer a range of isometric exercises with a ballet barre as stability. Plus, the classes offer improved posture, weight loss, flexibility, and increased muscle definition. The low-impact exercises also make these classes doable for pregnant women and people with poor joints.


Inspired by drumming, the movements offered by POUND aim to make cardio less of a chore. The workout consists of cardio combined with movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. The drumming aspect of POUND also increases focus and mental acuity, making it a mental and physical workout.

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