Does Drinking More Water Ward Off UTIs?

According to a recent study, drinking an extra six glasses of water may decrease your risk of getting urinary tract infections (UTIs), especially if you are a woman.

The study found that when you are exposed to frequent UTIs, you can reduce the risk of getting infected in half if you took six additional glasses of water in a day. This is in comparison to women who don’t increase their daily water intake.


The study, as published by, indicated that the results were presented at Infectious Diseases (ID) Week 2017, the meeting of a number of organizations that focus on infectious diseases.

Doctors have always assumed that when you increase your water intake, you reduce your likelihood of getting UTIs, and they usually recommend women with a higher risk of UTIs to drink more water. But until now, the recommendation had not been validated.

It is good to know that right now the recommendation is valid, and drinking water is the most straightforward way you can ward off annoying infections. The researchers pointed out that 60% of women contract UTIs during their lifetime, and more than 25% percent get infected more than once. This means women are more prone to UTIs than men because their urethra is shorter. It is also easier for bacteria to get inside of a woman’s urinary tract.

When you drink more fluids, you reduce the risk of UTIs because it means the rate at which bacteria are flushed from your bladder is increased; it is also more likely that the concentration of bacteria that travel through the urinary tract to the bladder in women is reduced. This implies fewer bacteria get fewer opportunities to get attached to the cells of the urinary tract, and this reduces infections from UTIs.

Though this is only one study, doctors believe that this certainly validates what they have thought all along. So, keep drinking your water.

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