Drinking Responsibly This Winter Season Isn’t Just Referring to Alcohol

With the cold weather coming in, you may find yourself struggling to stay warm. Even though hand-knit sweaters and cozy, fashionable scarfs may keep your skin warm, only those winter-time drinks can give you the feeling of warmth from the inside out.

The problem, however, with those fancy coffees or high-calorie hot cocoas, is that they contain way too much sugar than an average cup of tea. Of course, you might think that you cannot sacrifice taste and that you would actually substitute your eating-for-the-day calories easily for those amazing tasting drinks, but there is a way to warm you up with a hot drink, keep your calorie count down, and get your taste buds happy.

Some ideas to get your favorite drinks a little healthier would be to easily substitute some of the higher sugar content with other replacement ingredients. Just as if you would trade in your Dunkin‘ Donut creamer for a skim milk, you can take some of the fattier ingredients in these favorite winter drinks and substitute them for a healthier, yet tastier version.

Here are some examples of how to substitute those unhealthy ingredients in your drinks to ones that can keep you and your body happy, at the same time. These can be easily traded in, not only for the recipe of your favorite hot drink but also can be adopted in your everyday coffee or tea.

1.Dark Chocolate Syrup or Powder

These are all ingredients that you can easily stir into a hot chocolate for your sweet tooth. These ingredients are healthier for you but don’t deny you that sweet taste you’re looking for when craving one of those hot chocolate, sugary drinks on a cold evening.

2.Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk and Fat-free/Skim Milk

Most of these sugary, hot drinks have one culprit. Milk. In the name of taste and consistency, they use the thickest and the most fattening types of milk to help get the thickness and creaminess that you normally see in your drinks.

3.Unsweetened Apple Juice

To achieve amazing apple cider, grabbing this sugar-free apple juice can drop the calories in your hot drink without sacrificing the taste.

4.Brown Sugar

Though multiple studies have been done questioning the validity of the theory if brown sugar is better for you than white sugar, this is an easy substitution to make and can be argued that it actually tastes better.

5.Sugar-Free Maple Syrup or Agave Syrup

To give your drink the kick it needs to sweeten up your soy or fat-free milk, try these syrups. Not only can they be a sweet taste for your palate, they also can help bring a different consistency in your drink.

One of the best news to hear about next to the fact that Christmas is around the corner is that there is a way to have your cake and eat it, too. Don’t let your holiday drinks get your calorie count up, or having to omit them from your diet get your spirits down. Comment below on other ideas and your go-to ingredients you know of that can easily substitute a fattening ingredient in your favorite cup of liquid warmth or share with us your personal, healthy drink recipe!


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