Don’t Get Yourself Snowed In

With the first snowfalls for some across the country and around the world, you might think that your outdoor fitness routine is going to take a backseat. However, the last thing you should do is quit on account of a bit of snow (or a lot of snow).

Though the majority of your fitness routine is probably going to move indoors, there are still some ways of getting in exercise and fresh air without dying from frostbite.

On the contrary of avoiding the snow, you should use it to change up your fitness routine and get exercise out of its existence. Snow can give you ways to test your body and have fun that you might not have thought of before.

There are loads of snow-based sports (take a look at the Winter Olympics) to help keep you in shape and get you moving around in cold weather. However, if you are not so athletically inclined, you might have to branch out and get creative to find fitness.

Practical Snow Exercising

If you ever lived or had a house in the snow, you should know how much work it is to deal, clean and live in it. As an example, if you have a car, you have to leave before you actually have to leave, just so you have the time to deal with the ice glued to the windshield and the blanket of snow piled onto the roof.

There are also fun activities that you can do in the snow that counts as exercise, as well. These can include the whole family, such as building a snowman or sledding.

Snowman Building

Depending on how large you are making the base, rolling that huge ball around to gather more snow to make it larger can actually be quite the workout. If you are doing it with your children, you are probably going to be doing all the heavy lifting. That also might mean that they want to finish out the snowman’s (or woman’s) facial features. Since they are quite small, you might have to work on your squat and lift, when picking up your child and allowing them to have the snowman’s face in reach.


Talk about a core workout! Especially if the sled is a little too small for you, you have to really brace your core in not falling off the sled while slipping down the hillside. If you are sledding with family and small children not only do you have to lift them onto the sled and push, (real sled pushes), you also have to sprint after them in the snow when they are screaming their heads off and beg for you to stop them.

Ice Skating

It doesn’t matter how many ice skating rink birthday parties you’ve been to, skating is a real workout. Not only does it take core strength and balance, pushing off and skating, especially in those races against your friends or children, takes a whole lot of effort. Just like rollerblading, skating taps into those muscles you don’t normally activate while running or walking. Falling down and getting back up also takes a lot of muscle usage and exercise, and we all know, especially if you’re from Florida that you are going to be doing a whole lot of that.

Skiing and Snowboarding

The Ski Resorts may advertise that just about anybody can do it, but these sports definitely take some agility, core work, and muscle engagement.

Depending on your level, of course, from the bunny slopes to the black diamond, the difficulty and usage of your body and strength vary. If you want even more of a workout, stop using the lift and walk your butt up the mountain. That way you can get a full-on workout, but you don’t have to pay the extra fee that comes with it.


Almost everybody who has lived in the snow has experienced this at some vantage point, whether you were watching mom or dad, or you were doing it yourself as your household chore before homework, shoveling the walkway and the driveway was a must when living in a snowy area.

The way to look at it positively is that the snow has to be shoveled anyways. Therefore, incorporating it is an exercise in your workout or fitness program is truly killing two birds with one stone.

Another batch of good news, maybe not for your family, is that they have shovels available in multiple ranges of sizes. Therefore, even if you have to double back after your youngest son and his tiny shovel, it can still get him involved and working, but also working out. The snow is a natural resistance, and shoveling it takes a lot of force.

There is a multiple of ways to maneuver and change up your snowing tasks that can get you a workout. As an example, if you are shoveling, you can use different hands to work out both arms, or push/pull your child on their sled with one hand or arm.

Make sure you are using proper form and engaging your entire body when performing these tasks to not get injured.

Doing fitness during the winter can be as easy as engaging in the daily tasks that you normally would do anyway. Comment below on your favorite, or least favorite, the workout that you do outside and let us know creative ways you can get moving outdoors in the snow.

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