Don’t Book Your Next Vacation Without Considering These Destinations

When you sit down to plan your next vacation destination you might want to visit the turquoise blue waters of Hawaii, or Paris, the “City of Lights.” The world is filled with an abundance of vacation destination spots just like these, which millions of people flock to every year.

Although the hottest and most popular destination vacations are beautiful and will make for a memorable visit, there are plenty of under the radar spots waiting to be discovered. In fact, some of the most amazing destinations in the world are the lesser visited locations, and tucked away hidden treasures.

So, whether you want to escape to a faraway destination, or relax on an exotic island, don’t book your next destination without checking out these under the radar destinations.

Namibia, Africa

If you enjoy nature, wildlife, and spending time exploring the great outdoors, you will love visiting the Southwestern African country. This is a highly-underrated vacation destination, which offers a wide variety of exploration activities.

While you are there, you can visit the Etosha National Park, where you can always see elephants, rhinos, leopards, and lions. You can also explore Fish River Canyon and much more. Once you arrive, you can rent a vehicle, which you can use to explore the African country. The great part is the cost of staying there is less than $100.00 per night.

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North Stradbroke Island, Australia

This popular weekend destination is called “Straddie,” by locals, but if you are not from Australia, you are in for a rare treat. This little oasis is located 20 miles from Brisbane, Australia and is one of five of the island’s beaches.

In addition to the beaches, you can visit over a dozen lakes where you can swim, surf, hike, or fish. While you are there, you might even see koalas, or you can visit Point Lookout, which is one of the best whale-watching spots in the world.

Rangiro, French Polynesia

When you think of a tropical vacation, you probably consider visiting Bora Bora, Tahiti, or Hawaii, but you should consider visiting Rangiro in French Polynesia. As the second largest coral reef in the world Rangiroo, provides tourists with sandy white beaches, diving, and activities on its beautiful lagoon. You can also explore the different villages and visit a functioning pearl farm.

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Lombok, Indonesia

Located directly next to the Island of Bali, and almost just as big, you will find an entirely different island, which boasts white sand beaches, hiking trails, hot springs, and the second highest volcano. This is just a few of the many beautiful sights that you will encounter on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.

While you are there, you can visit massive volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, a variety of marine life, and much more.

Yosemite National Park USA

There are several National Parks in the United States, but Yosemite Falls and Mariposa Grove were the first protected parks to be signed under President Lincoln’s Yosemite Grant Act in 1864. This act created the very first state park in California, which in turn, created the National Parks System that we have in the United States today. This spot began as an under the radar destination, but over time it has grown in popularity, and now many people flock to this place every year, specifically in the summer months.

So, if you are going to visit a National Park, you might as well see where it all began, and once you arrive in Yosemite, you will not believe you are in the United States. There are a few locations, like Half Dome, Glacier Pointe, and Yosemite Falls, that you simply must see at some point in your life.

While you are there, you can enjoy hiking, fishing, biking, and sightseeing, but once you arrive, all you will want to is stare in amazement at the beauty of Mother Nature.

Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Located between the countries of Macedonia and Albania, you will find Ohrid Lake, which is one of the oldest lakes in Europe. There are quite a few things that are unique about this lake including its unique aquatic ecosystem, with over 200 species of marine life. One of these species is well known for producing the treasured Ohrid pearl.

While you are at the lake, you can enjoy a variety of water sports including scuba diving, paragliding, kayaking, and canoeing. After you are done at the lake, you can visit the vast country of Macedonia, which is filled with several activities, specifically, adventure activities within the mountain regions. There are also several caves, museums, historical sights, wineries, and guided tours that you can experience on your visit.

After reviewing these vacation destinations, you might be more open to an under the radar destination spot. While these spots are beautiful and worthy of consideration, there are hundreds of other wonderful hidden away treasures located all over the world just waiting to be discovered.

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