Detox After Your Halloween Binge

The scariest, most sugar-enveloped holiday is right around the corner, and with it, comes not only alcohol (and different, creatively themed mixed drinks), but the temptation to eat the leftover candy from those not coming to Trick-or-Treat around at your house this year.

If you were one of those who left their porch lights off this year and you think you dodged the bullet, you may have forgotten that now you have your own child’s pillow sack full of Mars Bars, Reese’s, and Milky Ways and there’s no way you are going to let them dig into it because…well.. cavities and sugar rushes. At least that’s what you tell yourself when you are separating YOUR favorite candies from those you allow them to eat. Even though you think there’s no chance of getting into this year’s reel of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” challenge, it’s still worth a shot. Though most of the participants don’t actually eat all the candy, you would be doing your homemade film an injustice without leaving a few empty wrappers on screen.


Adult parties are also a popular event for candy, sugar, and alcohol consumption, with party tables loaded with sweets. You can give the excuse that you really couldn’t possibly know what you were consuming because of the Hulk mask blurring your vision, or the Tequila shots, but the next day, the sugar and alcohol hangover doesn’t lie.

Without warning but predictably as it does every year, the first of November rears its ugly head around, and you are left with the dilemma of dealing with not only post-Halloween blues, where you have to take down all the decorations, but also getting back that post-summer body that you had been trying to keep up for months.

Now it’s time prepare yourself for the next holiday and to detox your Halloween-crazed and hyped body and mind.

Here are a few tips to help you bring back to your normal regimen and health level before Thanksgiving rolls around the corner and takes you back under.

1.Move around.

Taking the kids door to door around the neighborhood might have been yesterday’s exercise, but there are no rollover miles here. Get moving, go exercise, hit the gym, clean around the house, or even help the neighbors with their depressing take-down-the-decorations duties. Get the kids moving as well and make it a family affair.

2.Cut out sugar.

This might seem like the least possible tip to do because you don’t want all that candy going to waste, but fortunately, most of those chocolates and lollipops don’t go bad. So cutting sweets cold turkey on the next day can start you right to get back on track the next few days.

3.Go to bed early.

Like any late night out, the next day is always a tough one to tackle, but going to sleep early the next night can help you recover the hours you lost from your Halloween extravaganza. Most likely you have partied or gone out on a weekend night anyways, so going to sleep early and getting ready for the morning isn’t always a bad idea.

4.Pack in the protein.

With sugar highs come the notorious crashes. To put your body through all those ups and downs is taxing, and can leave you feeling sluggish the next morning, which is not a way that you want to carry on through your workday. This can be solved by pumping in the protein. It can help stabilize your system and improve your mood because it has the amino acids you need to rebuild your body back to its original health and state.

5.Start the detoxing remedies early in the morning.

Whether it’s an ibuprofen with your cup of coffee to get rid of your headache hangover, or taking a shower to attempt to remove dirt, paint, makeup, and whatever else you got into the previous night, the first things you do after you wake are crucial to your overall detox and recovery process.

The morning after your Halloween festivities is the most important window to get things started in your detoxing process. First, do not skip breakfast. Though you might feel as if you cannot take another bite, getting in a light, nutritious morning bite with protein, low sugar and “healthy” fats can take your body in the right direction and break off the sluggish feeling of your sugar crash.

Throughout the day put in nuts, good proteins, veggies and fish into your diets. These food groups help your digestion and can keep your blood sugar at a low and normal rate. After alcohol and possibly loads of sugary or fatty foods, your blood sugar has skyrocketed and plummeted an innumerable amount of time in the last 24 hours. Try and find your balance and get you and your body feeling back to normal.

6.Cure the hangover.

Just like any hangover, you probably have your traditional remedies that you swear by, which may be productive and get the job done. However, if you are willing to try something new, or if you think these circumstances or the mixture of everything you are feeling lead you to believe you need to bring in reinforcements, you can also try our next few tips as well.

Drink to replenish

Plain water, coconut water, Gatorade (or any sports drinks) bananas and miso soup can help replenish the electrolytes you’ve lost on your binge drinking episode but also helps with rehydration. (Hint for the future, drink a glass of water in between every drink to replace the fluids you may lose while drinking because everyone knows alcohol is a diuretic.

Eat to refuel.

Eating carbs, like crackers, bread, toast, etc., for breakfast can also help bring your blood sugar levels back up, which is only necessary if your only problem is a hangover. If you are dealing with high blood sugar levels because of candy, then this cannot help you. Some say eating greasy foods also helps cure a hangover, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

All in all, there are many steps that you can take when looking to detox from a crazy Halloween night or your weekend events. Starting from the way your body feels because of the drinks or because of the ample amount of sugary sweets and salty treats you’ve consumed, to actually how your body looks because of your costume, an important process of your post-Halloween morning is getting yourself back to its original state.

Not only can a good shower help wash your skin and pores of all the extra makeup or fake blood you were wearing from the night before, the cleansing ritual in a physical sense can also help you detox your system from a late Halloween night.

When done altogether, or performed according to each of your issues, this Halloween Detoxing Guide can come in handy on the first of November, this year and every year.

However, until you actually need it the morning after, enjoy the festivities with moderation and safety. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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