Detox Diets: Is It Worth It?

Lemon and cayenne pepper drinks, juice diets, and expensive herbal teas are just some of the detox trends people have tried. But what is a detox, and do they really work? Get the skinny on recent detox trends in this short article.


What Is A Detox Diet?

A detox, or detoxification diet, is a regime of specific foods and drinks combined with fasting. Often, a period of fasting often precedes a day or two’s diet consisting of juices, fruit-infused waters, and other similar foodstuffs. Other common elements of detox diets are the use of herbs and the occasional enema treatment.

What Are Healthy Examples of Detoxes?

There are a few uber-famous examples of detoxes–juice cleanses, Beyoncé’s famous cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and maple syrup cleanse, and a handful of others. But what detoxes do exist, and do they work? Here are a few of the healthiest go-tos that are the best for you to consider next time you reach for the blender or the cayenne pepper.

Sleepy Science: The Sleep Binge

Instead of binging on food, some dieticians are binging on sleep. Dieticians linked sleeping for 10 plus hours at some intervals with lower cortisol, increased weight loss, and increased overall health. Have 10 hours, a dark room with cold temperatures, and some soft ambiance? A beautiful, long sleep session might be an easy, low-energy way to destress and help detoxify your body.

Drink That Water

Who needs lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup when you have good ol’ water? Drinking a glass of water when you wake up, before you fall asleep, before you eat meals, and whenever you feel tired, or, increasing your water consumption in general, is a great way to rid your body of toxins. Being hydrated can flush out any residual toxins and refresh your blood cells, helping give you fewer stomach problems, tighter and brighter skin, and a newfound sense of energy.

Stretch it Out!

Sitting down, working on your feet, or lying down for long periods can be hard on your muscles. Blood can pool in your muscles, making them sore and full of amino acid. Getting up to stretch your muscles, even for a minute or two every hour, can be a great way to detox your body! While not a traditional approach to detox, exercising can be a great way to detox all of your muscles–a group often under looked in a conventional rehab.

Detox Drinks

Sure, we’ve already established water is a pretty good drink when you want to detox. But what sort of other drinks exist for detoxes? Ditch the traditional juice drinks, smoothies, and other processed liquids in favor of minimally processed drinks, like herbal or iced teas. Want more of a savory drink? Try mineral broths.

Avoid Alcohol Completely

Sure, that rose might make for a good weekend out, but it won’t help your detox efforts. Drinking the right liquids (see above!) can help, but avoiding alcohol altogether is the best way to go. Alcohol can dry your skin out and completely dehydrate you. If you’re looking to detoxify as quickly as possible, avoid alcohol altogether.

Listen to Yourself

As great as reaching for that green juice and tea can feel, if you need to eat, eat! Don’t starve yourself in the name of a diet, any diet. If you are craving chocolate, for example, don’t be afraid to try some late at night. After all, this detox is all about the way you feel.

Have comments about the whole “wellness” fad, or the sudden outbreak of “detox programs?” Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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