Dealing With Setbacks In Your Health

Life is a whirlwind of the unexpected. It is filled with knockouts and knockdowns, littered with upward climbs and downward plummets, triumphs and failures, struggles and success.

Maintaining good health and fitness is the same. Try as you might, you can work out every day of your life and be in great shape, then all of a sudden, be smacked down with a torn hamstring or a broken toe. Before you even have time to register what had hit you, you’re on your couch watching old reruns with your foot propped up for the next six weeks.

Your health is also more fragile than you think. You can do all you can to maintain a good system: eat right, drink plenty of water, take your vitamins every day, and yet, flu season is right around the corner, and you get blindsided and bedridden for the week.

Whether you lead a healthy life or not, sometimes life just hands you setbacks. The most important thing is that you don’t let it get you down, and you never, ever give up. No matter if it is the smallest steps forward, you are still making more progress than if you were still standing still.

Do What You Can, With What You Have

Do you have a bum knee, shin splints, or another injury in the legs to keep you from running your usual one-mile trail around the neighborhood? Strap those babies up with floats around your legs and go swimming, using your arms as exercise. If you can’t go hard in the gym, you can still do low impact routines or adopt another type of exercise completely, like meditation and yoga. Show up, no matter if it is to your physical therapy session every day, or taking the necessary measures to get better again. You can still give 120 percent on your sickbed.

Change up Your Routine

Instead of lounging about and being upset that you aren’t seeing progress through your usual gym routine, try something new. Not only is a change in exercise good for your brain and mentality, it is also good for your muscles and your body. It is actually more effective to change up a normal routine every now and then to shock your body with something new. You are a very adaptable creature, therefore stick with something for a few weeks until you feel you have plateaued, then change it up.

Focus on Nutrition

Control the things you can control. If you are out of working out for a while because of an illness or of an injury, it is not the end of the world. You can still stay healthy and stay on track with your progress, without being able to complete your usual Tuesday/Thursday dance class.

Nutrition and the saying: “You are what you eat” is an important part of getting healthy and maintaining good fitness. Even though you might not be able to control what is happening to your body, you still can control what you put in it.

These three tips are extremely simple to do, yet are crucial in keeping your head when life hits you down hard. As long as you keep a good attitude and keep pushing through until you are healthy again, surviving this setback can not only make you healthier in the long run but also stronger mentally.

There are so many things that can, unfortunately, happen in your life that can make you discouraged, or would try and set you back on your path, but if you stay strong and continue forward with these things in mind, then you can always find achievement. The last key is to find happiness, joy, and success in the little things. If you are struggling to find achievement in your goals, then set smaller goals and adjust them according to your situation. This is also important for your state of mind.

If you have other tips to help one another get through difficult times during injury or sickness, feel free to comment below. You never know when what you have gone through can help someone else on their path as well. They might be feeling like they are the only ones going through this struggle, but hearing from you and how you have gotten through it can help them supersede, as well. Do you have some tips for dealing with health setbacks? Let us know!


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