Data Leaks and Another Sensor Report: Health and Fitness Apps (and You)

While you’ve probably seen plenty of reports about wearable technology taking off, have you seen one recently about health sensors? A new report, published early Saturday morning, spills the beans on some new sensors hitting the market. At the same time, news broke that the creators of popular health and fitness apps were sharing more information with Facebook than you may have realized. Get the scoop on both of these stories right here, right now.


Sensors Report

Sure, you’ve seen plenty of reports about wearable technologies, like step counters, heart rate monitors, and wristbands that track your sleep and your steps, but what about the sensors inside of those wearables? A new research firm, Segment, released a 15-chapter report detailing everything from the pricing to the production of these sensors. They’ve even conducted market research about which apps you should make your sensor compatible with! Probably the most crucial part of the entire report, though, is the technical and manufacturing data.

Data Leaked to Facebook

Following a lengthy Wall Street Journal investigation, a few health and fitness apps, like the Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker, have stopped sending personal data to Facebook. Last week, the report revealed that a handful of health and fitness apps were sending extremely personal information to Facebook. The information included things like the weight and menstrual cycles of a few of its users. Other apps that the Wall Street Journal caught sending personal information to Facebook were Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor and Lose It!, a weight loss and dieting app. After the bombshell report released last week, executives at Facebook began reaching out to developers, letting them know that content like this is illegal on the platform.

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