Companies Rebranding to Catch up with Health and Wellness

The health and wellness trend swept two more companies up in the movement. 7-Eleven, a famous American gas station trend, and a Weight Watchers, a weight-loss brand, are the latest companies to create health and wellness departments or products. Here’s the skinny on the latest news in health and wellness.


7-Eleven Hops on the Wellness Trend

One of the most recognizable convenience stores in America, 7-Eleven, has started to test food items a few new locations quietly. The standard fare served at most 7-Eleven locations includes questionably colored, sugar-filled slushes, shiny, greasy food hot off the 24/7 rotating grill, and all the chips your heart could ever yearn for during a long road trip.

These new locations are offering something a little bit different. Cold brew taps, frozen yogurt sections, gluten-free chili, and keto-approved egg snacks are what’s on the menu in 7-Eleven’s test kitchens. Probably most heinous of all, though, are 7-Eleven’s new Slurpees. Decarbonated Slurpees containing black carrot, turmeric, and celery are set to phase out the overwhelmingly sweet blue raspberry and cherry slushies of old. The six test locations, which 7-Eleven released to minimal fanfare, are just a handful of all 85,000 locations—at least, they are for now.

Weight Watchers Experiences a Rebranding

This piece of news is indeed older than the addition of healthy food items to the 7-Eleven menu, but Weight Watchers is undoubtedly one of the more prominent, more well-known brands to rebrand in the name of health. Instead of being Weight Watchers, they have rebranded to just WW–a move that embraces the wellness movement. Mindy Grossman, the new CEO of WW and the woman behind the change, told Fortune yesterday that she enjoyed the difference she made for the company. “I love transformation. I love legacy brands,” she said. “I love creating meaning for people whether they be employees, consumers, or partners. And this was such an opportunity at this point in my career to really have a great impact.”

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