ClassPass Available in Dubai

Fan of fitness in the United Arab Emirates? You’re in luck! ClassPass just announced their launch in Dubai! The global fitness app allows you to pay a monthly fee to take classes at a variety of studios across the globe. Love yoga? Box like a champ? Can’t wait to try HIIT? ClassPass has got you covered!

Other services, like GuavaPass and Classport, exist already in the country. ClassPass will work very much like both pre-existing services– registering in the app allows you to sign up for a set number of classes per month.

Classes available on the system include boxing, strength training, Pilates, barre, HIIT, spinning and more! You can take these classes at 130 studios including CycleBar, The Platform, Physique 57, FlyWheel, Mojo Reformer Pilates and The Warehouse Gym, located nearly everywhere in Dubai! From downtown to the suburbs, you’re bound to be close to a class at some point!

ClassPass, which initially launched in 2013, with the first studios in New York, now has operations in 60 cities across the globe. ClassPass founders had the diversity of different classes in mind when creating their service. Users can choose the number of credits they want on three different tiers, with the most popular plan being the $50 a month plan. For $50 a month, users can get 30 new credits a month, which averages out to around five to seven classes per month.

The classes are each worth a different amount of credits, dependent on several factors. Some factors that go into the credit cost for each class include location, popularity, type of exercise, the equipment in the studio, and how many times this month you’ve already visited, to name a few! If you run out of credits in any given month, there is an option to purchase credits on a case-by-case basis.


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