Business Buzz: The Health-Related Business News You Missed Last Week

As health and wellness become a more significant cultural concern, companies are cashing in on health and wellness products. Here are a few of the substantial health companies that made headlines last week.


Watching Your Weight at Kohl’s

Home goods giant Kohl’s announced a partnership with diet brand Weight Watchers in a statement on Tuesday. As part of this new deal, Kohl’s associates will have access to a three-month free trial of Weight Watchers Freestyle. A Kohl’s executive also noted in the statement that they would begin carrying Weight Watchers Healthy Kitchen Products starting in June 2019. The two businesses have one more surprise in the works– a 1,800-foot fitness space inside of a Chicago Kohl’s that experts predict might hold wellness fairs, workshops, and other Weight Watchers branded events.

Aetna and UnitedHealthcare Compete with New Programs

Aetna, a Hartford-based insurance program, recently unveiled a new collaboration with tech-giant Apple. The result? A sleek app called Attain that rewards users who take steps toward their health with a shiny new Apple watch.

UnitedHealthcare, a competitor in the insurance market, released a similar program back in November of 2018. Their version of the program allowed users to get a $300 version of the Apple Watch for free (provided they paid shipping costs). After the watch arrives, users can “walk off” the watch, with the ability to earn up to $4 a day for meeting specific fitness goals.

Men’s Health Startup Hims Valued at $1 Billion

Hims, a company that sells all sorts of health products to a primary millennial audience (think hair loss supplements, erectile dysfunction pills, and multivitamins) is working on a new round of funding. According to investors familiar with the matter, Hims is in the process of securing a brand-new series of financing valued at 100 million dollars. This new round of funding would place one of the most talked-about companies firmly at a valuation of over one billion dollars.

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