Best Fitness Apps to Help Improve Your Health

It’s never a bad time to start that New Year’s resolution you kept putting off. What’s that? Getting healthy? Well no more of that, “I’ll get around to it” kind of attitude. Today we’re going to talk about completing those fitness goals.

Of course, that’s a whole lot easier said than done. Pro-athletes and novice runners alike share one thing in common: we all need a little help. When we’re trying to accomplish any goal it’s common to need someone to motivate us, give us a pat on the back and tell us to keep on lifting! These apps are my favorite for keeping (and reaching!) long-term fitness goals. Each one of these phone applications are like mini-coaches who motivate you step by step and congratulate you for another healthy day.


MyFitnessPal is one of my all-time favorite apps. This neat little phone application does all the heavy-lifting (pun intended) for you. You track what you eat during the day and the app will tell you how much you can except to lose or gain if you keep eating that way. You can make goals for gaining, losing, and maintaining weight. In addition, you can also journal your daily exercise and keep track of changes in your weight. MyFitnessPal also lets you connect with friends so you can cheer each other on. Fitness is easier when you have others helping you out!

Lose It

Are you frustrated that you can’t find a diet or a work out program that actually gets the pounds off? You keep wondering if it’s just you. Well, maybe it is. Lose It is the coolest health app out there, focused on creating a fitness and weight-loss program that will help you shape up. All you have to do is order a kit from Lose It and mail them back a saliva sample. Wait, what? That’s right, once you send in your saliva, Lose It will start analyzing your genetics and in six to eight weeks you’ll have the results on your Lose It app. With your genes, the application makes a custom fitness program that will help you lose weight the best. And if you’re skeptical, people, including me, swear by this unique app.


Reaching health goals aren’t easy, especially if you’ve fallen off the wagon. Running, fortunately is an easy way to get back on it. Running is something you can do no matter where you are or live. It’s also incredibly cathartic. Runkeeper is an app that’s all about the run, as the name suggests. It helps you plan runs, set goals, and celebrate those goals when you reach them. Motivation is a huge part of Runkeeper. Not only can you set awesome goals for yourself, but with the premium version of the app, you can see your history as a runner and gain motivation from seeing how much better you’ve gotten. If you’re a bit of flake, Runkeeper’s got your back with personal routines, weather forecasts and built-in reminders just so that you can be sure to never miss a run.

Gorilla Workout

Fortunately, no primates are included in your workout. Except for you, apparently. Because Gorilla Workout aims to turn you into only the buffest of primate look-alikes. If that sounds like an appealing idea to you, then you’re in luck. This app comes with over forty workouts for the budget-conscious fitness junkie. No equipment is needed. Just grab your phone, go to a nice open space and start hopping around. The workouts are fast-paced and focus on strength and cardio so that you can run farther and lift more. The workouts should be done daily, but they’re not very long, so they’re incredibly easy to fit into your day and much cheaper than buying disc sets like the old classic, P90X. Also, P90X has nearly killed me many a time while Workout Gorilla has only winded me terribly. Take your pick, boys.

Runtastic Six Pack

If you like the idea of Workout Gorilla but were looking for something a little more guided, then Runtastic Six Pack might be perfect for you. Avatars, your personal trainers are there to teach you exercises and guide you through over fifty unique workouts. Do you need music to motivate you? Runtastic has got you covered with special playlists for every kind of mood and workout. You can also make plans for your workout with the help of this cool app. When you feel like you’re finally making progress you can even share your progress on social media so your friends and family can stay updated.

Getting healthier has never been easier with technology, so if you have the power, why not use it? Your fitness goals are easier to reach than you know. These apps can be used in combination with one another or you can pick one that will suit your goals the best. Now get back to sweating at the gym, I don’t want to see you write the same empty New Year’s Resolution in a few months.


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