These Animals Got Bullied. Here’s Why.

If you weren’t the bully in junior high, then you were the one getting stuffed into a locker—hypothetically, of course. Bullying is something we’ve all experienced in one way or another. Whether it’s for the way we look, the things we like, or our talents or lack thereof, people will always find something to pick on us for. Luckily, things get better as we get older and somehow all the things that we got bullied for turn out to be the best things about us. No one can dull our sparkle.

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Bullying isn’t just a human activity, though. The animal kingdom is in on this horrible practice. From fluffy pups to ferocious lions, it’s all part of the pecking order. But why do animals bully? If they’re not picking on each other for the color of their feathers or how fast each other can run, then what it is? Here are some of the meanest animals that bullied other animals to get their way.

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Mean Monkeys

Monkeys are some of the cutest animals around. They’re playful, energetic, and they have huge eyes and fluffy coats! But monkeys truly are a force to be reckoned with. These little critters are nasty. They yell, scream, and throw anything they can get their hands on including their own fecal matter. But don’t let their poop-flinging antics fool you—monkeys are brilliant and they manipulate one another to get more recognition within their community.

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Researchers had studied this behavior and found that when one monkey was attacked, he would run away in humiliation and pain. Instead of running to help their friend, the other monkeys would follow him and mock him or pressure him to challenge the monkey that originally bit him. But the monkey will often refuse, and he will be attacked by his friends. They will appear stronger in the community for dragging him down. This is very similar to how humans behave and equally as heartbreaking.

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Grumpy Giraffes

Who doesn’t love giraffes? They’re the gentle giants of the animal kingdom. In fact, if you’ve ever been to the zoo, you might recall feeding giraffes before because they’re so sweet and passive. They calmly accept a nice treat with their lolling tongues. But these gentle giants are actually mean to each other every once in a while.

Bullied Animals 2

And what better reason to fight than a pretty girl? Male giraffes will engage in a practice called necking. While that’s considered a fun thing for humans, necking is a little different for giraffes. It’s the practice of fighting with their necks which weigh, on average, around five hundred pounds. This can cause real injury or even death. They also might kick and bite, until one of them is proven stronger and impresses the girl.

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Catty Cats

We all know cats are a little…entitled. Cats like to have nice things, a nice place to live, and nice people to pamper them. That’s just the cat lifestyle. If you have two cats, then you know the struggle of cats not wanting to get along. If they don’t like each other instantly, they’ll need time to warm up to each other, or they’ll just hate each other from the start. Cats might even bully smaller cats or cats that are newer to the household.

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But why? When a new cat is introduced, the original feels threatened. He had accessible food and water, a comfortable bed, fun toys, a territory of his own and a litterbox he’s used to. He doesn’t want to share any of that. Or even worse, he doesn’t want to give any of that up to a stronger cat. So instead he resorts to protecting his things. Luckily, most cats can learn to get along, but you have to be mindful of bullying!

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Bullying Birds

Do you have a bird feeder? Many bird enthusiasts love to set out bird feeders to not only contribute to local bird populations, but they also aid in some easy, no exercise required birdwatching. Birds come from all over for an easy source of food, so while they might not know where to mail their thank-yous, birds are grateful for the free meal.

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Unfortunately, feeders can be a hangout for local bullies. Birds love to compete for food. They’ll squawk, kick, and push to get their competitor’s share of seeds. If you see a big grouping of the same species at your feeder, then you definitely have a bullying problem. Birds form cliques of their own species. There are hundreds of ways to stop bullying from buying different types of feeders to changing where your feeder is placed.

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Hater Horse

Horses are beautiful, gentle animals. Unfortunately, if you’ve ever spooked a horse you know it can go from zero to one hundred real fast. They’ll buck, run, and cry out if things get too messy for them. Usually horses will bully one another for a better spot in their hierarchy and better distribution of group resources and mating prospects.

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Animals don’t bully just within their own species, though. When other animals get involved, things can get messy. If your horse, especially an aggressive stallion is bothered by a playful pet or a curious cat, things can go wrong. Horses may get into feuds with nettling pups, engaging them in a chase, with teeth snapping. If they catch your dog, things could go poorly.

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Blustering Bulls

Bullfighting is a common form of entertainment in many parts of the world. Some love to watch it, some make their livelihood off of it, and many agree that it’s abusive to the beautiful animals involved. In one form of the sport, two aggressive male bulls are provoked, then released into a ring, where they are made to fight with the other.

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The bulls hold nothing back, each using brute force to push each other away. This may damage the competitor in a potentially life-altering way. While these animals are bullying each other, this situation is unique because they’re forced into it by provoking owners and an anxiety-inducing crowd. It’s impossible not to feel bad for these animals villainized by their circimstances.

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Sassy Siblings

Siblings don’t always get along. You might see your own children picking on each other too assert dominance and fight over territory. And if you don’t think they do it, wait until the daily, “It’s my turn to take a shower” fight. Dogs and cats can do it too. In fact, introducing your new dog to your cat or vice versa can be a nightmarish bullying scenario.

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As we know, cats like their space, and dogs are playful, rough and tumble. Some dogs even bite as a show of affection. Cats will not like this and may attack or hiss at your dog. Introducing these animals takes time and often happens at the cat’s pace. But cats can get bullied too! Sighthounds, like whippets and greyhounds tend to be gentle dogs, yet they’re also bred to hunt. When they see something running, they’ll chase and if it’s small enough, they might even attack it.

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Livid Lions

At Zoo Miami, these two eight-year-old brothers Jabare and Kwame had lived in peace for years. Then, the zoo tried to introduce a female into the exhibit. Most exhibits don’t do this because male lions get aggressive in the presence of a female. The brotherly bond Jabare and Kwame had was tested. Even though Jabare was the more dominant lion, his brother challenged him. The two brawled, picked on each other, and hissed when their territories were encroached upon.

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After several encounters, Kwame respected his brother’s position of dominance and the two fixed their relationship. Thankfully, this situation was handled by Zoo Miami quickly. Some zoo animal bullies get away with their bad behavior unnoticed!

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Distressing Dogs

We all know that dogs are very good girls and boys, but truth be told they can be up to no good sometimes. And your little dog might very well be cowed around by the big dog in the park…or vice versa! Dogs have diverse personalities, meaning that sometimes they might not get along with each other. Moreover, they’re animals. Just like giraffes, lions, and humans, they fight over food, romantic prospects, and their stuff.

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Your dog might be a bully. Watch him and make sure he doesn’t eat other dogs’ food or steal their toys. Also keep an eye out for him to be sure he doesn’t fight with another pup. If you have a small dog who often gets nervous or sad at the park, he may be a victim of bullying. Check on him often and if you notice that he has a bully, have a calm, productive talk with his owner, explaining their dog’s behavior.

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