It’s Almost Flu Season! Here’s How to Stay Healthy

Oh, yuck! It’s almost that time of year, flu season. Specifically, October through May is when we’re all at risk for the flu, which if you haven’t been informed, stinks. If you’re not interested in spending Thanksgiving in bed with tissues stuffed up your nose to stop the ever-surging tide of snot, then it’s time you do something.

The flu can be avoided in several different ways, so come February when the season is at its peak and all your friends are down and out, you’ll be the mighty one left. If you want to fight the flu and win, then these are the things you have to do, and if you can help it, the things you have to avoid.

Tip #1: Get that Flu Shot!

Yeah, I know it’s the worst, nobody wants a mini illness for a couple of days. It never works out because if you get it done during the week, then you end up having to go to work or school feeling lousy. If you get your shot on a Thursday or Friday, then you waste the entire weekend in bed while your friends are out partying. You have a choice. Would you rather get a mini flu now for only three days and never again? Or would you rather get a big ole’ flu later and miss and entire work week and weekend and be miserable?

Flu Season 1

Tip #2: Be a Germaphobe

Being obsessive about cleanliness isn’t always the healthiest most well-adjusted trait of them all. If you’re trying to avoid getting sick, being a little obsessive might actually help you stay healthy though. Wash your hands often, especially after you get home from work or errands. Make sure your kids do the same. If you have a coworker that you suspect might be sick, was your hands throughout the day. You can also keep a bottle of hand sanitizer around. At home, wash your bedsheets a little more than usual and make sure that surfaces are wiped down often. Pay more attention to items that get touched a lot like remotes, light switches, and doorknobs.

Flu Season 2

Tip #3: Exercise!

Exercise actually strengthens the immune system. You’ll reap the other rewards like overall health, weight loss, or an increase in muscle as well. It might be good to get out in the cooler months and go jogging or head to the gym. The idea that being in the cold can get you sick is an old wives’ tale. You’re not going to get sick from going outside, so if you want to spend an hour running around the block, you’ll be doing your body a favor, believe it or not.

Flu Season 3

Tip #4: Get Your Beauty Sleep

Your Immune System just isn’t the same when it’s sluggish. Getting the proper amount of sleep each night is crucial to being as healthy as possible during the flu season. It’s recommended you get about eight hours of sleep each day. Anything from a full night’s sleep to a twenty-minute powernap, as long as you are giving your body the correct amount of time to heal and repair itself.

Flu Season 4

Protecting your body during the flu season is crucial for your health this winter. While the flu can strike when you least expect it, there are several things you can do to stop it from infecting you or your family. Since it spreads quickly, now is the time to be extra vigilante especially around strangers who you suspect might be sick. It’s equally important to take care of your own immune system so that you aren’t susceptible in the first place. With these flu season tips, you’ll be healthy until March!

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