Actor Chris Hemsworth Releases New Fitness App

Want to look like Thor in the Avengers? Actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in Marvel’s Avengers movies, recently released a new fitness app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Called Centr, the app might feature mindfulness exercises, workouts, and diet plans, along with workout videos produced by Hemsworth and his team.

People familiar with the app said that the app would feature a center feed, with the ability to swipe to mindfulness exercises, an exercise journal, and a diet tracker. The workouts, included as part of the exercise journal, will feature 20-40 minute videos guiding you through an exercise routine. Exercises will consist of yoga, boxing, strength training, and high-intensity interval training.

You can edit the journal, and update it with your fitness progress. If you are starting on your fitness journey, you have the option to choose your target intensity. Additionally, Hemsworth and his developers integrated the app with Apple’s Apple Watch HealthKit, so that you can track your steps, sleep, and other important biometrics.

Unique to the Chris Hemsworth app, Centr includes meditations. Examples of some sample meditations include “sleep visualization,” stress management exercises, and guided meditations. Many health and wellness apps don’t have a meditation section, so props to Hemsworth for making mental health a priority with this new release.

The app also comes with a meal plan tab, which comes with editable dietary restrictions. Currently supported dietary restrictions vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, and gluten-free.  Also included in the meal plan tab is an automated shopping list, where you can select the items you want to purchase. In addition to helping you plan your meals, you can log them once you eat them.

Currently, the app costs $15.99 a month and is set to release on February 4th.

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