10 Simple Ways to Be Simply Healthy

Do you ever just want to scale back on everything and just make life, well, simple? There is so much information out in the world today that it can be discouraging and overwhelming, even when looking for the simplest directions or guidelines. You already have to balance work and school, taking care of pets and relationships (obviously not in the same forms of maintenance), and every little errand you have to run in the in-between time.

On top of all of those duties and juggling responsibilities, you also have to care for yourself.  If you are beginning from a stage of health where you could probably refer it to being zero, it really is difficult to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle. Especially with little to no time for “healthy cooking”, or “exercise”, all you really are looking for, are tips that you can implement in the most simple ways in your everyday life.

We’re here to help. Hopefully, these ten tips can simplify your hectic life and help make your day-to-day life easier to maintain in a healthy way.

Eating Healthy in Your Home:

 1.It Is Not a Go Big or Go Home Mentality.

Begin with small steps. It can be hard enough removing soda from your family’s diet or adding veggies to every meal. With the resistance coming from your family and making the overall change in lifestyle, it might be a bit difficult to make a drastic change. Start making your family’s diet healthier one meal, or even one snack, at a time.

2.Start Meal Prepping.

Prepare everything beforehand, and we mean everything. Not only can you cook massive meals for the week and separate them for eating every day (as your children’s lunches, for example), you can meal prep veggies and fruits. This means on a Sunday before the week begins, chop up vegetables like carrot sticks, and fruits, like apple slices, or watermelons, and store them in separate containers so they are easy to get. This can make it simple for you by means of preparation, but also easier for your kids to grab and go.

Also, in league with meal prepping, leftovers are a surefire way to keep the healthy meal you make last even longer.

3.Plan Before You Prep.

If you already have the recipes favorited on your tab bar, or those Pinterest pages screenshot on your phone, finding them when you’re about to cook should be as easy as a swipe of the finger. Doing your shopping on Sunday or Monday can also give you the chance to shop for the week, and gives you enough time to make good choices.

4.What You See Is Your Biggest Downfall.

Try your best to keep counters clear of any junk food or sweets that can be quickly snatched as an easy-pick-me-up. Out of sight, out of mind is a great quote to help you remember this tip. If you did happen to buy those chocolate chip cookies as an indulgence for your sweet tooth on cheat days, keep them stashed high up in the shadows of your tallest cupboard. That way, you cannot directly see them, may even forget about them, and cannot be tempted. If you do happen to give into their amazing taste, however, you can argue the fact that all that exercise of reaching, climbing, or jumping was a workout decent enough to cover the calories of a few bites.

5.Invest in Smaller Plates

The logic behind this tip is simple, though it can be overridden by going back for seconds or thirds, but originally, having a smaller plate, to begin with, can subconsciously (or you are extremely aware of it), have you placing less food on your plate for meals.

Exercising on a (Kind of) Regular Basis

There are so many types of “hidden exercise” that you can engage in on a daily basis. This “exercise” might even be so effective during your day, that working out can be a memory of the past (if you really hate it that much).

Here are a few ways to get your hidden workout in, so that you don’t have to even set foot in a gym.

1.Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator.

This effective tip can be easily implemented at home or at work. If you live on the third or fourth floor, for instance, the number of times that you travel back and forth from your front door to your actual apartment are countless, which can make a huge difference in the long run.

2.Park at the Back of the Parking Lot.

Not only does this make it easier for you to find spaces to park your car, you can kill two birds with one stone. There are always plenty of empty spaces at the back, because no one actually wants to walk all that way, when parking near the door is available and oh, so, convenient.

3.Walk the Dog, Don’t Just Let Her out the Back Door.

This can benefit you and your furry family member. They are sure to be happy with a new regimen and seeing so much of the good old outdoors (so many things to sniff!), you are sure to notice a change in your physique after a while, as well.

4.Try out Public Transportation.

Good for the environment, for your wallet, and for your health, walking a few extra blocks to your bus stop or biking to the train station can be an easy swap for your car in cities that have a good public transportation system.

5.Stop Sending Inter-office Messages and E-mails.

We don’t mean get up and bother your colleague every time you have something to say to him, but instead of typing up that lengthy e-mail explaining how to set up the Excel sheet correctly after the fourth time, take the short walk to the newbie’s cubicle and help them out personally.

These are just a few ways you can easily implement in your daily lives to improve your health in a nutritional and physical standpoint. If you have any other ideas or have tried them out on your own and have seen it work successfully, let us know in the comments below!


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